Thursday, September 24, 2015

Journey to the Land of Math Journals!

Every August, I have these grand ideas for the upcoming school year (Yes, in Georgia we start school in August). I get so excited to implement the new things I have learned. This year, it was math journals AKA interactive notebooks. This summer I trolled on Pinterest and Teacher's Pay Teachers in search of all the best ideas for my kinders.

It's September and we have been in school for some 30 odd days. Our math journals are going great! The kids LOVE the fact that they have their own journal to write in. They take pride and ownership of their journals. The kids call them their superhero journals because they have superheroes on the cover (our class theme). 

Check out my journal labels on TPT

Right now at the beginning of the school year, we are using the journals as review and practice. The children complete a page after each lesson to solidify the concept taught. So far we have covered numbers 1-10 and shapes. Creating a solid foundation of  number sense is really crucial at the beginning of kindergarten. That's why I created this number of the day activity for numbers 1-10. 

Next, we are going to dive into composing and decomposing numbers. I plan on creating another Number of the Day sheet to use once the kids have outgrown the one previous mentioned. Stay tuned for more on Math Journals. I plan on blogging and documenting my progression as I journey into the land of Math Journals. 

A special thanks to Ketchen's Kindergarten for all her FREE math journal resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. Visit her store by clicking below!

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