Monday, June 12, 2017

DIY Baby Activities

Oh, the daunting task of entertaining a busy toddler! I am constantly trying to find ways to keep my little girl busy, entertained and happy. 

Just last weekend we went to the toy store trying to find a new toy to keep her entertained. We bought this fancy little cow that pops out balls once you put them in at the top. We brought the new toy home and attempted to show her how to play. As I sat there trying to gain her attention she continued to grab my cup of coffee! We spent $15 on a new toy and all she wanted was my CUP!? Since that day I have taken a new approach to baby toys....DIY. 

I am constantly saving recyclables, lids, various cups, bowls and other "trash" to make new toys for my little bundle of joy! SO save your money and your sanity and search the house for your next activity to entertain your little one! Here are a few of my creations/discoveries.

Stay tuned each week for more ideas. 

Some of Me Moo's favorite toys!
Lids, puff containers, plastic Easter egg, Nutella container with penny's inside, tupperware

Me Moo playing with a bowl (Don't mind her bedhead).

  Playing with her homemade shaker
(Nutella bottle and pennies)

Me Moo's beloved bottle lid! She fell alseep clutching it.

Water, blue food coloring and oil double bagged and taped to highchair top.

 Balls and a muffin tin.